Our Story

We agree that travel is the cure to all ills, but the way we choose to travel is a cure in itself. How you plan your travel is the stepping stone to the actual experience of traveling.

Northern Pinnacles is a company formed under the mentorship of one of the stalwarts of tourism in Uttarakhand, The Founder, Mr. Satish Khanduri. Satish with his 45 years of experience in his countless service to the industry, has seen the travel industry grow from leaps & bounds. Having seen it all, he is now committed to give travelers a genuine mountain experience. The mountains are his home in its true sense & he welcomes you all to his abode, The Northern Pinnacles.

With the information tsunami & bombardment of options, we know how unnerving it is to confirm the authenticity of all the information on the internet. At Northern Pinnacles the idea is to give you the best firsthand experience Itineraries, which barring the unnatural events cannot turn unfavorable for you! We will make your Himalayan odyssey not only a “trip”, but a memory to be passed on to your generations. We bring to you a dedicated team who custom-make these itineraries suiting your preferences. We are “THE” experts in the Himalayan belt & offer all kinds of leisure, family & solo trips in the Himalayas.

Our Vision

The sole vision of Northern Pinnacles is to provide the travelers an authentic raw experience, which is native to the Himalayas. Through the rich practices of the mountain folks we wish to create a community of travelers who choose to live sustainably, not just when they travel but taking the learning back home with them .At Northern Pinnacles our vision board holds a reminder to create travelers who choose sustainability over luxury.

The NP Commitment

Mentored by Satish Khanduri – our founder, with more than 40 years of expertise in tourism industry, Northern Pinnacles has a wide network of facilitators across Himalayan states. Our homestays are specially curated and designed to suit travellers who love the rawness of nature, seek the beauty & majesty of the mountains and understand the essence of sustainable travel.