The word “Sustainable” simply means something that meets our needs & at the same time has the capacity to meet the needs of our future generation.”

As per the criterion laid down by Sustainable Tourism for India, Applicability to Accommodation Sector we at Northern Pinnacles have formed our chain of accommodations under the following guidelines:

Sustainable Management

At Northern Pinnacles we have opted for sustainable planning while picking up a certain Homestay/ Hotel for the travelers. Those who choose to stay at any of our Homestays have chosen not just an accommodation which provides a roof overhead, but they are carefully picked homes of folks who have a fair understanding of what it means to live sustainably. The management of these homes are under people who have decided to let out a part of their lives bearing good environmental footprints.

Socioeconomic Impacts

At Northern Pinnacles, the establishment provides economic means to local & small entrepreneurs to develop and sell sustainable products that are based on the area’s nature, history, and culture (including food and drink, crafts, performance arts, agricultural products, apart from hosting their homes as a homestay.

Cultural Impacts

We at Northern Pinnacles ensure that the impact of cultural activities in ecologically or historically sensitive areas has minimum impact. Travelers & management are given appropriate guidelines to conduct their visits in such a way so that the culture of a region is given its due respect. Interactions in wildlife prone areas are in coherence with the state guidelines & ensures there is no adverse effect on the wildlife population. No activity of the management involved in hosting guests will impact wildlife – flora or fauna.

Environmental Impacts

At all the homestays, Northern Pinnacles follows a purchasing policy. The policy requires the hosts to use reusable, returnable and recyclable goods wherever available. Apart from that waste management is taken with utmost care considering the sensitivity of Himalayas. We believe in waste not, want not & hence we compost our organic waste in the homestays or segregate them for the animals in the vicinity.