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Lower Himalayas – Native Style: 7 Days (Dehradun + Mussoorie + Chakrata)

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7 days 6 nights

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Specific Tour

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English, Hindi


This 7 day dose of the Lower Himalayas is a handpicked itinerary for those who like to taste Himalayas in the style of natives. First hand experiences of natives in & around these locations have made this Itinerary a top favorite amongst our travelers. The 3 day unwinding & exploration of Dehradun will take you to the essence of Doonites! From our homestay at a unique place in Dehradun to exploring the culture of this township, the first 3 days will be full of nature’s bounty..From Dehradun as you head out to explore Mussoorie you will dive into breathtaking landscapes which will also beat the heat in summers. Mussoorie to Chakrata will take you on a unique cultural dose of the Jaunsar Bawar region where you will get to explore sights that are exclusive to this land of Pandavas.

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  • With your stay at our homestay/hotel, explore the beauty of Song River settlement in Dehradun.
  • Visit to the Buddha temple, Forest Research Institute & Khalanga Memorial, must see sights in Dehradun..
  • Visit George Everest & Happy Valley in Mussoorie or explore the surreal Landour Cantonment
  • Trek to Budher Cave, made by the Pandavas & explore Chakrata township
  • Visit to Ashokan rock edict & Paonta Sahib Gurudwara.


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Day 1: Dehradun Airport - homestay/hotel (Drive/ 25 mins)

a. Arrive at Homestay/ Hotel, anytime until 10.00 PM.

b. The drive from Dehradun Airport is along the finest treasure troves of Dehradun - its untouched forests.

c. Check in & get to know your hosts.

d. Depending on the time of the day you check in, ensure you spend a quality time on the terrace (A must do for Doonites). It is a thoughtfully picked space to detox.

e. Dine with your hosts after you have explored the vicinity.

f. Overnight stay at Homestay/Hotel.

Day 2: Homestay - Tibetan Temple - Sunrise Bakery - Forest Research Institute (Total Drive/ 2.5 hrs)

a. Rise with a lark. Today, we will go on a short 30 minute hike to the milkman’s hillock.

b. If you’d like to enjoy a cup of tea watching the sunrise from the hill, do let us know a day prior.

c. Explore the beauty of hillocks around Dehradun, that makes for the Lower Himalayas.

d. Walk back to the homestay & freshen up.

e. Enjoy a Dehradun breakfast with your hosts and plan your day ahead.

f. Let’s start with somewhere peaceful for the summer month - we will head to Buddha Temple, Clement Town (Timing 10:00 Am)

g. This famous Tibetan Buddhist temple lies along the Raja Ji National Park & is an ideal stop for some peace.

h. After visiting the monastery & seeping in some quiet, if you are carrying your laptops you can work from the restaurants here. Enjoy a Tibetan menu from the restaurant within the premises or outside the temple. You can even shop for some souvenirs from their market settlement.

i. After exploring Clement town, we will take you to a cherished bakery of Dehradun, Sunrise Bakers, established in 1956. One of the oldest & popular bakeries in town, Sunrise Bakers has a vast range of bakeries like Milk Rusks, Pista Biscuits, Pastries, Butter Toffees( a must have if you want the native taste). Pack some tuck for your home as well, as you are sure to be craving for more.

j. Now we are all set for the evening with the Forest Researchers at FRI Dehradun. The FRI Museum is an architectural marvel spread over 2000 acres of green fields & trees. It has 6 museums based on forest products which closes by 5.00 pm. The institute is one of the oldest in India dedicated to the field of studying Himalayan forestry.

k. If nothing, just visit the place for its Graeco roman architecture amidst the lower Shivalik ranges in the backdrop.

l. Having checklisted 3 major locations natives of Dehradun frequent, lets hit the road back to our homestay in a drive of 30 minutes.

m. On the way we will cross the heart of the city, the Clock Tower which lights up at night for a surreal old school feel!

n. Today we will unwind at our one terrace under a starlit camping experience. (Depending on the weather condition)

o. Post Dinner, retire to bed just like the Dehradun gentry would - Early to bed!

Day 3 - Homestay - Khalanga Memorial - Maldevta - Tree cafe - Homestay /Hotel(Total Drive/ 3 hrs)

a. Rise with a lark, start your day with some early morning meditation at our room on the roof.

b. Enjoy a pahari breakfast with your hosts.

c.Post breakfast we will explore the area around the homestay. So, first we will drive to Khalanga War Memorial (Depart by 10:00 am). This war memorial was built by Britishers to honor the bravery & history of Gorkhas - The Khalanga Memorial is looked after by the archaeological survey of India.

d.Right below the Khalanga Hill was a fort which was built during the Anglo - Gorkha war of 1814. The fort was built as a key point in defense of Dehradun valley, built using bamboo, mudstone and all natural materials. Later bombarded by the British in the Khalanga - Nalapani war and was left in ruins.

e.Today, at the site of the fort stands a memorial dedicated to the bravery of Gorkha warriors as detailed in the British accounts of war.

f. Having seeped into the bravery of Gorkhas we will now head to Maldevta in a drive of 15 minutes we will stop for a tea & snack break at Chaani, a Pahadi themed cafe.

g. In another 20 minutes drive from Chaani we will reach Maldevta Picnic point. Maldevta, a popular site frequented by the locals to beat the heat, is a surreal spot to explore. One can carry packed picnic lunch to the spot where the Song river flows merily below the Shivaliks adorning your view.

h. One can take a dip in the river if they like or simply spend some quiet time by the water. Although the place is always bustling with local folks you must checklist the place for its waterfall & valley views.

i. Once you have spent a good time by the river , we can either have packed lunch or simply leave after a picnic lunch here. If you choose to spend the time by the river, we stay until 5.30 in the evening. Depending on what you choose we have two options:

j. Drive to Tree Cafe, Dwara Village (Reach by 6.00) - This is in case you choose to have packed lunch at Maldevta. We can head straight to Dwara, the sunset point in a drive of 20 - 25 minutes. Watch a panoramic view of the much cherished sunset in Dehradun. Return to homestay/ Spend time at Tree Cafe, with panoramic views of the Song Valley.

k. Drive to the Homestay - In case you decide to spend less time at Maldevta, we can directly head for lunch at the Homestay. After good rest & relaxation, you can head straight to Dwara in a 20 minute walk from home. Witness the magnificent sunset and if you are lucky enough you will catch glimpses of Peacocks heading homeward in the evening. You can then choose to spend some more time at the Cafe and head home later in a walk of 20 minutes.

l. We will wind up this bountiful day with dinner & games in the Dehradun way! One can play Ludo, Carrom just like old days in our room on the roof.

m. Overnight in the Homestay/Hotel.

Day 4: OPTION 1 - Mussoorie

a. Get up early in the morning & lend a hand to the host.

b. Today if you like you can get some pahari style cooking class at the homestay.From making buttermilk to pahari salt, spend your morning in an organic way.

c. Post breakfast, head to Mussoorie in a drive of 1.5 hours (Depending on the traffic). At Mussoorie we will not do the regular touristy things, instead we will skip the good part of traveling with us.

d. From the Library we will drive further to George Everest. Built in the year 1832 George Everest peak is a much cherished attraction here, but what truly stands out is that it is from here that Sir George Everest, a British Surveyor & Geographer who lived here on behalf of East India Company.

e. It was him who hired Andrew Scott Waugh who made the first formal observations about Everest being the highest mountains in the world. To reach George Everest House you will have to drive uptil Hathipaon and hike for about 1 km uphill to catch the glimpse of what Sir George Everest saw.

f. There is an Everest Base Camp Cafe here which offers quick snacks like maggi & momos.

g. If you travel during the end of December, you will also witness the much celebrated Winter line phenomenon along the Himalayas here.

h. From George Everest we will be driven to The Happy Valley, Shedup Choepelling Buddhist Temple in a drive of 30 minutes. Shedup Choepelling Buddhist Temple - was built by the Tibetan natives of Mussoorie in The Happy Valley. The foundation of this temple was laid by the Tibetan community of Mussoorie & is a host to kaleidoscopic colors of Tibetan architecture.
The fluttering prayer flags, and the serenity in the prayer of an odd monk sitting on the staircase, is all you would want to see.

i. Towards the other side of the hill you will see house-like structures similar to the architecture of Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan which are carved on a mountain.Spend quality time here, as the place closes by 5.00 pm.

j. Next we will drive towards LBSNA ( a civil service training institute for the IAS cadre) & can take a seat at The Charleville Book Store.

k. We highly recommend Peach Ice Tea, fries & Chicken Burger here. Now that you have relished every bite, take a stroll around at the splendid collections of books here & if you are not a bibliophile, then just unwind at the sheer peace of this place.

l. From LBSNA we will drive past the Mall Road, if you like you can shop here or just spend some time at the Cambridge Book Store & Kulri market, that’s the old charm of Mussoorie.

m. If you like you can enjoy a good Tibetan meal at Kalsung near Cambridge Book store. It;s at Cambridge where every Saturday, Mussoorie’s beloved author, Ruskin Bond sits to sign the books.

n. Overnight in Mussoorie

Day 4: OPTION 2

a. If touristy things are not your cup of tea, we suggest you take a detour from Mussoorie and opt for its Western side, a town called Landour that the natives often choose to be at.

b. From Homestay it's a 2 hour drive to reach Landour at an altitude of 6,800 ft.

c. Landour is a small cantonment town which was home to the founder of Mussoorie, Captain Frederick Young.Young’s house is called Mullingar Estate, which too you will pass by, enroute.

d. Landour has strains of European life with several Anglo - Indians living here. From missionary run schools, like The Woodstock to author’s like Ruskin Bond, Stephen Alter, Bill Atkin all have a residence here. Owing to its population, Landour is relatively untouched with evergreen forests & striking views of the Himalayas. While in Landour you can do the following:

e. We suggest walking in Landour is therapeutic & will offer enough peace, so if you choose to walk visit the following -

f. Walk past Char Dukaan & take the road ahead.

g. Keep walking for about 500 mts & you will find Kellogs Church on your right. Spend some photographic moments here.

h. Taking the left turn from Kellogs walk towards Bakehouse Cafe, which is relatively crowded. But only during weekends. During weekdays you might spot authors (budding & established) taking notes from the window to nature here. Bakehouse offers a plethora of bakery options and a hot coffee is highly recommended.

i. From Bakehouse you walk 30 m ahead to Prakash Handicraft and take your pick of some fine Garhwali handicrafts made by local artists here.

j. From the store trace the route right in front of you & walk of 15 minutes you will reach Emily’s by Rokeby Manor. If you don’t mind spending a little, you can opt for Emily’s. The interiors shout out a British heritage that was left to Landour by Capt. G.N Cauthy. The restaurant offers indoor & outdoor seating and serves the finest Continental cuisine.

k. From Rokeby to Char Dukaan is a 200 m walk. At Char Dukaan towards the sunset, you will witness youngsters who drove all the way from Doon & folks who cherish nature. Before you finally check in to your hotel, do visit the St Paul’s Church right next to Char Dukaan.

Day 5 - Mussoorie - Chilmiri Top (Drive/ 2.5 hrs) - Chakrata Market - Lokhandi (Drive/ 1 hr)


Popularly known as the Jaunsar Bawar region, Chakrata is a military cantonment hill station perched between the Yamuna & Tons rivers. Culturally distinct, the Jaunsari believe themselves to be descendants of the Pandavas. A very important part of the culture of Chakrata is its festive sports and dances.Surrounded by breathtaking Himalayan views, Chakrata is an ideal mix of culture, destinations & people.

a. From Mussoorie check out & be driven to Chakrata township.

b. Chakrata is essentially a cantonment area, hence the supervision here is at an all time high. We will pass through the Yamuna bridge & will take a pit stop at Chilmirii Top.

c. Chilmiri Top/ Neck is a bird's eye view point, which goes 3 kms from Primary School Lal Kurti, Chakrata.

d. One needs to park their vehicle in the meadow below & hike for about 5 -7 minutes to reach the stairway leading to the view point. Surrounded by prayer flags & a beautiful outdoor seating,

e. Chilmiri Top is an exquisite location to view the layers of mountains of the Jaunsar Bawar region. From here you can spot umpteen birds & nature at its best.

f. From Chilmiri we will drive for about 3 kms to reach the Chakrata Main Market.

g. Chakrata market has a famous momo shop, Chandana’s, with Himalayan warm interiors. Apart from that lentils like Rajmah (Red Beans) are a must take away from the market.

h. You can also pick some local handicrafts or simply walk along the typical Himalayan market & be delighted by the traditional outfits of natives of Jaunsar region.

i. From the market we will drive ahead for 25 kms to reach our Hotel in Lokhandi.

j. Check in to the hotel, and go on an evening stroll along the Tiuni road to catch the sunset!

k. Dinner & Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6 - Lokhandi - Miola Tibba - Budher Caves (Trek/3 kms)

a. Today we will rise early & be driven to the Forest Rest House, Budher. Its a quick drive along a forest thicket and comforting peace in the jungle.

b. You will have to get off at the Guest house, which is the starting point of this trek.

c. The trek is grade easy - moderate & goes past the oldest of oak trees on the valley side of the trail which are allotted to the local families of Chakrata.

d. The king of Tehri had made a pact during the British reign to allot one tree to each family of this region for their personal use.Walking further as you gain height the way will open up to a paradise of meadows, the first on you left train would lead to Miola Tibba.

e. Miola Tibba is a huge green meadow on top which hosts an old Shiva Temple, also known as the “Temple of Fairies”.

f. At an altitude of 2590 m here you will be greeted by a vast Himalayan snow capped view. You can lay down on the slopes or just watch the views while sipping tea/snacks.

g. From Miola Tibba, we will hike downhill on the meadow to take a peek at the Budher Caves.

h. Budher Cave - Legend has it that this 150 Km long cave was built by Pandavas during the Mahabharata. Made of stalagmite formations, the cave entrance is a small way, hence inaccessible for the public to go inside. But you can trace the depth of the cave right from the entrance by just taking a peek. The vast meadows along the cave are in abundance and the hike back until the Forest Guest house will now be moderate to steep. Once you reach the roadhead you get on to your car & be driven back to the Hotel at Lokhandi.

i. Lokhandi offers a splendid Himalayan landscape, just take a seat on any of the milestones facing the valley & watch the setting sun.

j. Amidst the hustle of village folks returning home from Tiuni stand, you will come full circle to the life of Jaunsar Bawar region.

k. Dinner & Overnight in the Hotel.

Day 7 - Chakrata - Ashoka Edict (Drive/ 2 hrs) - Paonta Sahib Gurudwara (Drive/1 hour) - Dehradun (Drive/ 2 hrs)

a. In the morning head out to witness a spell binding sunrise from the road.

b. Walk along the direction of the sunrayes & you will find the right spot to immerse yourself in a Himalayan sunrise.

c. Post breakfast, check out from the hotel in Lokhandi & drive back to Dehradun.

d. On the way take a halt at the celebrated Ashoka Edict in Vikasnagar.

e. Ashoka Rock Edict - After the Kalinga war, Mauryan King, Ashoka converted himself into a Buddhist. It is here at Kalsi that one of the major rock edicts found in the inscriptions depict the life of King Ashoka & his policies to commit non violence.

f. Built in 450 BC , this rock structure is preserved under the Archaeological Department of India. The inscriptions on the edict are in Pali and are perched in between the lush green of Kalsi.

g. From Vikasnagar take a little detour to Paonta Sahib Gurudwara.

h. Paonta Sahib Gurudwara - On the banks of river Yamuna, is a Gurduwara dedicated to the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

i. The Gurudwara holds immense importance for the Sikh community as it is here that Guru Gobind Ji wrote the Dasam Granth (10th Book of Prayer).

j. The Gurudwara also hosts a temple right below its premises which is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. Enjoy a langar at the Gurudwara & be driven to Dehradun.

k. Dinner & Overnight stay in the homestay/ hotel.

Tour's Location


Trip Season
Throughout the year
Age Group
5 - 65 Years
Where & when the tour starts & ends?
Dehradun (Jolly Grant) Airport
Do you arrange cab transfers?
Yes, on prior request, depending on the availability & season in which you are traveling.
Weather Update
This trip is in the LowerHimalayas, where you can plan a trip any time of the year. Only during monsoon there might be an odd day of roadblock/landslide while driving to Mussoorie/ Chakrata. However, one can plan the journey based on rainfall predictions.

MONTH DAY/NIGHT Temperature (In Chakrata/ Mussoorie)

JAN 10/ 0 °C
FEB 13/2 °C
MAR 15/ 4 °C
APR 20/ 8 °C
MAY 25/ 12 °C
JUN 28/15 °C
JUL 22/15 °C
AUG 21/ 15 °C
SEP 21/13 °C
OCT 20/9 °C
NOV 17/7 °C
DEC 12/ 2 °C

MONTH DAY/NIGHT Temperature (In Dehradun, Soda Saroli)

JAN 19/ 5 °C
FEB 22/ 8 °C
MAR 27/ 12 °C
APR 32/16 °C
MAY 35/ 20 °C
JUN 33/22 °C
JUL 30/22 °C
AUG 30/ 22 °C
SEP 29/20 °C
OCT 28/15 °C
NOV 25/10 °C
DEC 21/ 6 °C
NOTE - Please keep in mind that the above information is not exact and does not account for sudden changes.
Packing Checklist
As per the requirements of this specific trip, please ensure you carry these things while you pack:

For daily need as per 7 day Itinerary in the Higher Himalayas-
For Summers & Monsoons
2 Full sleeves T-Shirt
2 Cotton T-Shirt
2 Jeans
2 Shorts
2 Track pants
7 pair cotton Socks
1 Fleece (For sudden weather change in Mussoorie & Chakrata)
Light Windproof Jacket with hood (For Mussoorie & Chakrata)

For Winters
- 2 Thick Fleece
- 1 Down Jacket with hood
- 2 Full sleeve Woolen Sweater
- 2 Trekking pants (Water resistant, with inner liner)
- 2 Full sleeves T-Shirt
- 1 Thermal Inner wear
- 7 pair Woolen Socks
- 1 Woolen Cap
- Scarf/ Mufflers
-1 Pair Warm Gloves
-1 Pair waterproof snow glovesComfortable waterproof) Trekking/Hiking shoes (shoes with a thick sole and high ankles are recommended)
Day Pack
1 Sun Cap
Trekking/ Hiking shoes of good quality
Poncho/ Rain Cover
Rain cover for day packs
Water Bottle
UV protection sunglasses
Northern Pinnacles Travel Pvt. Ltd. will take all possible measures to provide you a safe & enjoyable trip. We believe in direct communication with our clients regarding the possibilities of unforeseen circumstances, like landslides, bad weather & natural calamities. So, incase of any such happening on the trip you choose, Northern Pinnacles will not be liable for any injuries caused during a mishap. All our trips require the clients to fill an indemnity bond
Which they will have to duly fill as per the norms of the High Court.
from ₹30,500


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